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PalTech Lining System

PalTech lining system is an industrial abrasion resistant spray coating to be used on demanding surfaces such as automotive, marine, and industrial linings. It provides excellent chemical, moisture and UV resistance. It is a two component 100% solid polyurea formulation containing no VOCs and is designed up to Shore D hardness adhesion and optimal curing in very cold to hot climates. It may be used directly on clean metals, fiberglass, concrete and masonry. A primer may also be required depending on substrate.

PalTech is applied by 2K high pressure plural component portioning machine. It delivers a 15-sec gel time with a 24-hour cure time to return to service. Its finished surface maybe textured or smooth, with appropriate technique appear textured by applying a final fog-spray technique. It retains a wide functional temperature range and flexibility from -20F to 150F.

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