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Lubricants used in manufacturing operations such as: Drawing, Stamping, Forging, Extrusion, and other specialized operation.

Drawing & Stamping Specialty Products
Drawing Compounds Anti-sieze Compounds
Stamping Lubricants Wetting Agents & Surfactants
Dry Films Defoamers
Extreme Pressure Lubricants Spray Mist Lubricants
Pigmented Lubricants fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids
Pastes Teflon Film
Perforating Lubricants Graphite Compounds
Blanking Lubricants Molybdenum Disulfide Compounds
Stainless Steel Compounds Penetrating Lubricants
Bar Drawing Lubricants
Vanishing Oils

Metal Cutting & Grinding Metal Cleaning & Coating
Cutting Fluids Organic coatings for pipe, coupling, & fittings
Straight Oil Phosphate Coatings, Zinc, Iron, Manganese
Soluble Oil Metal Cleaners, Spray, Soak, Electro Solvent
Synthetic Based Cleaners
Semi-synthetic Acid Cleaners
Flute Grinding Oils Derusteres
Tapping Compounds Acid
Broaching Lubricants Alkaline
Polishing Lubricants
Grinding Fluids
Gun Drilling Oils

Extrusion & Cold Forming Machine Lubrication
Extrusion Lubricants Gear Oils
Cold Forming Lubricants Way Oils
Drawbox Lubricants Greases
Anti-galling Specialty Lubricants Custom Lubricants
Wire Coating Replacement Lubricants hydraulic Oils

General Maintenance Anti-Corrosion
Hard Surface Cleaners Anti-rust Films
Floor Cleaners (Hand mop or scrub machine) Solvent
Tank Cleaners and Descalers Oil
Transportation Cleaners Water-based
Auto, Truck, Rail, and Marine Neutralizers, Acid Film, or Fume

Hot Forming & Forging Heat Treating
Forging Lubricants Quench Oils
Warm Forming Compounds Heat Treating Specialties
Hot Forming Compounds Heat Transfer Fluids

NFS Approved Products
CIP System Products
Smoke House Cleaners
Wall and Floor Cleaners
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