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From our inception in 1994, our company was kept busy designing and supplying production lubricants for interesting and often difficult metalworking operations. Large and small forgings of a variety of metals called for specialized die lubricants. Cold forming an assortment of fasteners, tools, fittings and other items, common and some very uncommon asked us to provide very high performance Extreme Pressure lubricants of various forms and capabilities. Household and plumbing specialties such as bathtubs and sinks, made from carbon and stainless steels required lubricants with unique characteristics and challenges. Automotive and appliance manufacturers produce a wide assortment of individually designed parts which must be produced in high volumes, with high quality and critical economy, and we have been privileged to be a vital partner with businesses large and small in these areas. Supplying these different products required us to be able to manufacture liquids, powders and pastes, all to meet stringent quality standards and tight time schedules.

As we worked with our customers, we were sometimes asked to look at other areas of their business, such as the removal of the lubricants we were supplying, polishing the metal items being drawn with our lubes, or improving the finish coat of many items requiring paint or coatings. At times, we were asked to produce a customer's formula, or make improvements to an existing formula. Sometimes this has led us into familiar terrain, sometimes into new territory for our company, but working with our partners in this manner has allowed us to grow into new markets and improve the value we bring to the industries we serve.

Our company now produces a full line of production lubricants, selected specialty chemicals, coatings including PVC, acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea, and polyaspartic, as well as foams and adhesives for a variety of specialized uses.

Founded by individuals with a long and deep history in metal working lubricants and chemicals service, our company has enjoyed steady growth. In the beginning, 10,000 sq ft housed the entire manufacturing operation, in contrast to today's 70,000 sq ft complex. From our early days servicing primarily the Mid-South region, our business has expanded to include customers in diverse locations throughout North America. Building on early success designing and manufacturing production lubricants for difficult operations, we were able to apply the same open minded approach and attention to detail as we began to design and produce specialty coatings, foams, adhesives and other materials needed in today's fast paced manufacturing environment. Whether responding to a customer's changing requirements, raw material changes, or new business opportunities, our customers have come to rely on us to assist them to meet the challenges. Ask us to tell you about some of the interesting case histories we have developed, and tell us what we can do to assist you in solving your latest production challenge.

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